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My daughter with her family lives in Moscow, and her English is very rudimentary. As many educated people in Russia, she knows a few English words. Some words, when you hear them wihout much practice, can be easily confused, this is precisely what happened to her.

My daughter wanted to order some vitamins from Europe, since a friend told her that they are cheaper there. My daughter perfectly understood that "cheaper" doesn't mean "free" and placed the order with a man her friend knows.

A short time later my daughter’s friend calls her and informs her that the vitamins had arrived, and she can pick them up. My daughter asks how much she owes, and her friend tells her that the vitamins are "for free", but my daughter hears "four three". (I realize that Enligsh speaking people wouldn't confuse these words, but the sound "th" is a bit difficult for Russians.) Anyway, she hears the "number" and is a bit shocked. She is, of course, ready to pay 43 Euros, but this was hardly a discount... My daughter is polite, but unable to conceal her surprise. Her friend realizes her confusion and tells her, "You got it all wrong! This man decided to make you a little present. That is why you owe him nothing. It's FOR FREE!

Told by: Mike

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